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From the Air

Laurie Anderson “From the Air”

Greetings from the depths and waves of the perpetual electromagnetic spectrum. I’ve chosen the moniker Maxxx Dennis for this project to reflect the freedoms that broadcasting through the EMS can allow. I look forward to sharing with you an overview of the the ways we use the spectrum for communication with a focus on how broadcasting has impacted¬† student, faculty and staff lives and learning throughout our university’s history. Let’s get our particles charged up as we explore where we’ve been and where we can go in the future utilizing the new and emerging technologies that the soon to open Convergence Center will allow. Consider how the invisible and omnipresent electromagnetic radiation has played (and will continue to play) a part in our everyday lives. I hope to share stories about the history of our radio station WMWC
( ) and learn about the role it has played in campus life over the years.

until we meet again….Maxxx